Dawn of a Decade

Happy New Year!  It’s 2020!  Wags will quip that “it’s not really a new decade—that doesn’t start until next year, in 2021.”  It’s a case where the wags are correct on the facts, but don’t appreciate how appealing that nice, round “0” at the end looks.  Everyone was excited for 2000 AD; 2001 was greeted with shrugs.

Regardless, it’s an exciting time to be alive, in every sense of the word “exciting.”  2020 is a presidential election year, with a contentious, cartoonish Democratic primary season to endure.  The impeachment trial is (allegedly) coming up soon, if Speaker Nancy Pelosi decides to rummage through her purse and take them to the Senate.

America is enjoying an economic boom, with a long bull market and the lowest unemployment rate since 1969.  President Trump’s administration is restoring some sense of sanity and reason to the absurdity of 21st-century governance.  He at least expects the government to work for the American people, not actively against them.

New Years’ Day is when bloggers both look back to the year recently passed, and look ahead to the coming year.  Prediction posts are popular and fun, so long as you don’t take them too seriously.

I’m not sure how this year will shake out.  The Democratic primaries look murkier and murkier.  I thought Kamala Harris would ride a wave of Leftist identity politics and racial manipulation to secure the nomination, but she dropped out.  Former Vice President Joe Biden just keeps short-circuiting with creepiness.  Bernie Sanders could die at any minute; Elizabeth Warren is a shrill, unlikable liar; and Pete Buttigieg is gay mayor of a third-rate city.

Folks on the Right and Dissident Right seem divided on whether or not Trump will win reelection, but everyone seems to think it will be close.  Right now, none of the potential Democratic challengers seem all that capable of dethroning GEOTUS.  Then again, I’m fairly biased in favor of Trump, and the love his supporters have for him is matched—even exceeded—by the hatred his opponents possess for the President.

As for The Portly Politico, I’m going to attempt to keep the daily posts going strong.  I will, of course, keep posting to my SubscribeStar page every Saturday (and, for $5 subscribers, uploading doodles on Sunday).  As the election gets closer, I’ll look to cover it more, but I am going to shift more of the focus to cultural matters, such as my series of pieces on Christmas carols.

For years I’ve been kicking around eBook ideas.  This summer, other than private music lessons, Minecraft Camp, and maybe a summer course, I do not plan on working my usual maintenance gig.  Instead, I’m going to dedicate that time to writing, and to writing and performing music.  I have several ideas in mind, including a compendium of the histories of popular Christmas carols.

I may finally get around to The Portly Podcast, but realistically that probably won’t launch until summertime.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to 2020.  Predictions being what they are—extremely unreliable—I’ll make a bold one:  2020 is going to be a great year.

Happy New Year!


P.S.—For those interested, I wrote 232,085 words in 2019.  If a standard, double-spaced page of typed text is around 300 words, that comes out to about 773.6 pages of text.  Whoa!

9 thoughts on “Dawn of a Decade

  1. It’s funny, the one Democrat that I think could run competitively (although probably not win, barring a catastrophe) is Tulsi Gabbard. She’s a rare mix of common sense and leftness, and could possibly rebuild that blue wall. Kind of reminds me of Jack Kennedy. The rest look to me like they might be Republican plants.

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    • I agree 100%, NEO. It’s weird: every conservative I know likes, even in some limited way, Tulsi Gabbard. I think it would be a catastrophe if _any_ Democrat were to win, but I at least think Tulsi would refrain from running roughshod over our liberties. She’s the “least-worst-case scenario” possible.

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      • A lot of it, of course, is that she seems, to an extent anyway, to like us, or at least recognize that we have a right to exist. A very strange place the Democrats have gone too, alongside British Labour. Well we saw how that flew in the shires, doubt it’ll do any better here.


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