Monday Morning Appeal

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If you’ve been keeping up with my blog lately, you know that I’ve been despairing about the state of the world.  I suppose I occasionally go through these phases, and it seems incongruous even to me, as I’ve been trying to lighten up the blog a bit.

Regardless, I’ve been reminded lately how big the gap is between the red-pilled conservatives—the folks that see the world for how it truly is—and the blue-pilled normies, still shuffling about in their state of waking sleep.

Blogger pal photog at Orion’s Cold Fire wrote about this large section of the non-Left back in August; here’s a generous excerpt:

As ever, the largest and the least self-aware component of the Non-Left-Wing are the NORMIES.  They are regular schlubs who go to work and raise their kids and pay their taxes and think of themselves as regular Americans who aren’t ideological.  They probably think that Mitt Romney must be pretty conservative because he’s a Mormon and because he said he was “extremely conservative” back when he was running for president in 2012.  Basically, these folks are so busy trying to live their lives that they aren’t even aware that the country has drifted enormously to the left over the course of their adult lives.  And when they do realize what has happened a lot of them are so apathetic that if asked whether it is even possible to reverse the changes that have taken place, they’d say no.  Some of these people are unreachable.  They are largely inert and the most you can hope for is that they’ll drift to the right if the country moves in that direction.

The Left has such a huge edge with these voters because these folks are too busy and/or apathetic to follow politics closely; instead, they’re adrift in the river of culture.  Guess who controls the flow of that river, cutting new courses, working the levees and building up the dikes (metaphorical in a couple of senses)?  It ain’t us.

As such, the state of play seems desperate.  Republicans get fixated on economics—important, for sure, both in terms of quality of life and for winning elections—but forget about the culture.  If it’s good for the bottom line, then why not let transgender child strippers dance in bars for gay men?  I’m not saying that’s the Republican position, but I can guarantee you if it would help GDP growth by 1% per quarter, you’d have a large chunk of the GOP Establishment reasoning, “Well, you know, dressing up young boys as girls and letting them give grown men lap dances is a basic conservative principle” (I can already see the National Review piece, with David French expressing mild Christian concern, but stressing, “We have to approach these men with Christian love—and, besides, it’s our failure to man up that made this possible!”).

Unfortunately, we live or die by financial support.  The deplatforming of conservatives is a major problem that normal folks don’t know or don’t care about—just keep your head down.

I’m tired of keeping my head down.  It’s exhausting and demoralizing.

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Any assistance is appreciated.  I sincerely believe that financial independence is the key to true liberty in this life (otherwise, our true independence comes from Christ).  The only want to exercise true free speech is to possess so much wealth that you can say whatever you want and not have to worry about the consequences.

In a better, vanished time, I wouldn’t worry about this issue so much.  One could express mainstream ideas without fear of retribution.  Now, suggesting that taxation represents a coerced exchange underpinned with the implicit threat of government force is considered “radical”—by people who call themselves Republicans!  Can’t we just have conversations again.

So, again, please consider supporting my SubscribeStar page.  Thank you for your support.


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