Frontier Still Sucks

Three weeks ago, I lost Internet access at home.  Two weeks ago, it was restored, after several angry phone calls and tardy technicians.

Well, Frontier’s gross incompetence strikes again.  I arrived home last night—after a very long week—to find my modem displaying the tell-tale, solid red “squiggly” line of death.  So here I am, back at school, churning out some blog posts before afternoon drama rehearsal, trying to drink from the sweet teet of Internet access while I can.

Fortunately, my scheduled appointment is Tuesday afternoon, so I won’t have to wait an entire week this time.  Unfortunately, Frontier’s track record in this regard is terrible.

I hand-wrote a four-page letter and taped it to the door of my town’s local Frontier office (it’s not so much an office as it is the server substation where the technicians gather during the week), pleading for their assistance.

Last time I lost my connection because someone unplugged the wrong jump cable there.  That error was compounded when the technical support folks online reconfigured my modem remotely.  After the on-site technician fixed the problem, the modem self-updated, and I lost connectivity again (about ten minutes after he left).  He came back, and the modem worked beautifully for two weeks.

I suspect the modem has somehow updated back to the incorrect configuration.  I imagine it will take them twenty minutes—tops—to fix the issue.  But it’s going to mean sitting around anxiously for four hours on Tuesday, hoping against hope that this time they’ll send someone on time.

Those Spectrum trucks can’t get to Lamar fast enough.


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