Judge Troll

An amusing story from the 2018 elections:  it’s a humorous, if somewhat reckless, example of a conservative striking back with cheeky aplomb.

After losing to his Democratic opponent, Judge Glenn Devlin of Houston decided to release juvenile defendants, rescheduling their cases to the first week in January 2019, when his opponent takes office.

From the piece linked above:

A day after Judge Glenn Devlin of Houston lost his reelection bid, he released nearly all of the juvenile defendants who appeared before him, as long as they answered no when he asked if they planned to kill anyone.

Devlin, one of the 59 Republican jurists in Harris County who was replaced by Democrats, allegedly said: “This is obviously what the voters wanted,” when he released juveniles who have been charged with a wide range of crimes, according to ABC 10.

The trolling here is brilliant:  Democrats are ever-eager to excuse criminal behavior in an endless cycle of catch-and-release.  So, if the voters want Democratic judges, give them the logical outcome of Democratic criminal justice policies—hoodlums back on the streets.



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