SC Primary Run-Off Election Results

Every time we have these unusual off-season primaries and run-offs, it seems ridiculously difficult to find election results online in one, easy-to-read place (although I’m willing to concede this could be my own n00bishness at work).  I shouldn’t have to go to the New York Times to get all the results, accurately updated, on one page.  The State needs to up its game in this regard (if I’m missing a super-obvious link, please comment with said link below).  Kudos to my local paper, the Florence Morning News, which places a convenient link to locally-relevant run-off results on its homepage.

But I digress.  If you’re looking for results, read below, or find them in beautiful chart form at… sigh… the New York Times here:

SC Run-Off Primary Election Results (Winners in GREEN)

Republican Gubernatorial (Governor) Run-Off:

  • Henry McMaster (Incumbent) – 53.6%
  • John Warren – 46.4%

I was holding out hope for John Warren in this race, but he proved he’s got chops going forward.  McMaster may not be as eager for reform as Warren, but he’ll continue to build upon Nikki Haley’s positive legacy of economic growth and development in the Palmetto State.

Republican Attorney General Run-Off:

  • Alan Wilson (Incumbent) – 65%
  • Todd Atwater – 35%

As I predicted yesterday, Wilson won this election handily.  He’s been a capable AG.  That’s nothing against Atwater, but Wilson’s strong record of public service buoyed him to another term.

Democratic US House District 2

  • Sean Carrigan – 53.5%
  • Annabelle Robertson – 46.5%

Democratic US House District 4

  • Brandon Brown – 62.1%
  • Doris Turner – 37.9%

Republican US House District 4

  • William Timmons – 54.3%
  • Lee Bright – 45.7%

This race was an interesting one, but I didn’t follow it as closely as I should.  Essentially, there were about thirteen candidates vying to fill conservative sweetheart Trey Gowdy’s seat.  Lee Bright led the first round of primaries, but the partially-self-funded Timmons pulled out a convincing win, and will likely coast to victory over his Democratic challenger, Brandon Brown, in November.

Democratic US House District 7

  • Robert Williams – 51.4%
  • May Hyman – 48.6%

This was a fairly close race in my district.  Hyman was the more progressive candidate, and Williams’s faced some flack over some injudicious Facebook posts from his Chief of Staff, Robert Rhinesmith, but it appears the more moderate Williams pulled out a narrow victory.  Democrats seem to think the 7th District is vulnerable, but Congressman Tom Rice, the Republican incumbent, probably won’t have much trouble winning another term.

Those are results for all the major statewide races here in South Carolina.  Locally, the most interesting race in Florence County was the run-off for County Auditor.  The feisty, reform-minded Betty Dowling ran a strong race (she was endorsed by Congressman Rice and had some excellent radio ads), but Debra Dennis, a long-time employee of the Auditor’s office who enjoyed the endorsement of the current Auditor, won 55% to 45%.

That might seem like a wide margin, but it works out to about 800 votes.  It just goes to show you that your vote does matter, especially in local elections, and turnout is everything.

Congratulations to all the candidates; good luck in November!

3 thoughts on “SC Primary Run-Off Election Results

    • Good thought, Fridrix. I should have posted the results two weeks ago. I do think I’ll start compiling results for future elections. I just know I have trouble finding results for all races after the fact, and it’s annoying that I can’t easily access that information on one page.

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