Supporting Friends Friday: Son of Sonnet’s Locals Page

My good buddy and regular poetry contributor Son of Sonnet launched his new Locals page at about a month ago, on 14 March 2022.

Locals is a bit like SubscribeStar, but it’s more robust in terms of features, and the focus is on building up a sense of community between subscribers and the content creator.  SubscribeStar allows comments, for example, but Locals has built-in incentives to encourage more engagement, such as certain users gaining additional posting privileges and the like.

Son is going full-in with Locals, hoping to build up a community of supporters who appreciate good poetry and the culture-renewing possibilities it offers (you can read all about his mission on his “About” page; appropriately, it’s presented in the form of a poem!).

In addition to poetry, Son has been posting some reviews of some anime series, both written and audible.  He possesses a wonderful voice—and that’s coming from me, with my rich, buttery radio voice.  He’s even posted some ASMR (complete with a crackling fire and poetry).  Son features some Shakespearean sonnets as read by Miranda McGee, who also possesses the perfect voice for reciting poetry.

Son is setting his sights high, as he should:  he’s kicking off his foray into Locals with a special promotion he’s dubbed Race to 1000K.

The concept is simple:  he’s offering users a free, one-month trial with promo code RACETO1K.  After that, it’s $10 a month.

However, there’s an additional pot sweetener:  for every 200 subscribers that sign up, Son is taking $1 off the monthly subscription price for every subscriber.  In other words, once the community hits 200 paying subs, those users will pay $9 a month.  At 1000 subscribers—thus the name of the promotion!—users would be paying $5 a month.

Of course, you can also follow his page for free.  I’m not sure what all that gets you, but I think it’s a decent amount of the material he’s posting.

So far, it’s all been very solid stuff, and Son really could use—and would greatly appreciate—your support.

If you’re inclined to give it, check him out at

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