More Medical Updates

My apologies to regular readers for the lack of real content this week.  There are race wars and Antifa street gangs to discuss, but I’m so weary with fever, I can only slam out these short medical updates.

I had enough symptoms—chills, fever, and headaches—to get test for The Virus.  I should find out those results in a day or two.  Fortunately, my breathing is unimpaired.  I spoke with a physician’s assistant from the neurologists office regarding my migraines, which increasingly seem linked to my fever (although I would still like to shell out for a scan to rule anything else out).  Everything is in a bit of a stasis, however, until I get the COVID results.

My appetite is doing well, though I have taken this bout of ill health (and the stomach-related issues I was experiencing last week) to begin correcting and improving my diet.  Primarily, I’ve been cutting down on salt consumption, and calories in general.  My blood pressure is elevated, and needs to come down substantially.

I am teaching my first session of History of Conservative Thought for 2020 on Wednesday afternoon—online, of course.  If necessary, I will take acetaminophen in the morning to help get through the discussion.  Here’s hoping I can meet with the three young men enrolled in person next week.

That’s it for now.  I just awoke after dozing on the small twin bed in my study (one of the darker, cooler rooms in the house) for over an hour.  My fever is coming down without medication—I last took acetaminophen around 6 AM—which is promising.

Thank you for your continues support and prayers.


4 thoughts on “More Medical Updates

  1. Tyler, I am so sorry you are I’ll. We are praying for you. I know how debilitating migraines can be. I suffered for years with them. So did mom and Jill too. Did not know until reading Portly politico that you have them. Loved your Ravi Z. Article. Made my day Monday when I read it. You are so talented.

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    • Thank you, Aunt Marilyn. I have never had migraines before until just last Thursday. How long did yours usually last?

      I suspect mine are linked to the fever I’ve been having. I am feeling MUCH better today, and have been off medication since about 6:15 AM yesterday (Tuesday, 2 June 2020). They hit their peak in terms of pain and frequency on Saturday and Sunday, and have been diminishing ever since.

      I thought you would enjoy the Ravi Zacharias obituary. He was truly amazing. Thank you for introducing me to him!


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