Saturday Update

Today’s post is short and delayed. My Internet has been restored (as has my faith in the competence of at least a small fraction of Frontier’s workforce), and I’m out of town for my nephew’s second birthday.

I also just filed my taxes returns for fiscal year 2018. Actually, my brother filed them for me. I was supposed to get it done on my own this year, but I waited long enough that he just did them anyway. The lesson: wait long enough, and someone else takes care of your problems for you.

The wrong lesson, perhaps. The other lesson I learned from filing taxes is that my various side gigs are now generating enough that, for the first time in my adult life, I actually owe taxes to the federal government. Apparently, I need to withhold more during the year.

Oh, well. It was a good year financially, especially with private lessons. I came back from some medical expenses from a broken wrist thanks to teaching private lessons, as well as adjuncting more classes on top of my day job.

Back to regular programming tomorrow.

Happy Saturday!


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