Transitioning to Distance Learning

Well, this coronavirus situation is truly shutting everything down.  South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has shut down all public schools in the State for the rest of the month, which means my little private school is transitioning to distance learning today.  Students are coming in from 8 AM to noon to pick up whatever they need, and then we’re hitting the ground running with distance/remote learning tomorrow.

So far, everyone’s being surprisingly calm about it.  The students are probably anticipating a two-week holiday where they can blow off their work.  They’re in for a mildly rude awakening.  Part of that collective teenage instinct is probably correct:  it’s not going to be nearly as rigorous (or draining) as face-to-face classroom instruction.  But it’s not going to be two weeks of goofing off, either.

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SubscribeStar Saturday: The Misinformation Gap

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I’ve been pondering an important problem facing conservatives and the Dissident Right this week: the preponderance of misinformation percolating in the media and, by extension, the culture more generally. My perception—based on personal experience, reading the scene, and the mere fact that anyone is still voting for gun-stealing baby killers—is that there exists a major misinformation gap between most Americans and the Truth.

While it seems that more and more Americans are gradually taking the proverbial “red pill” and are awakening to the grim reality of progressive cultural and political dominance, most are still blissfully ignorant of what is happening to the country. High-profile events or issues—a terrorist attack, for example, or a kid tranny giving lap dances to grown men—can stir the masses temporarily, but there’s no thoughtful connection of such events to the broader cultural, political, and historical context.

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