Trump’s Pages of Accomplishments

Looking at national polls and predictions, it’s easy to get discouraged about President Trump’s reelection prospects.  Even with Joe Biden losing his mind, and the pick of a radical, authoritarian Kamala Harris as his running mate, “Sleepy Joe” is managing to stay up by hunkering down.

On our side there’s grumbling that Trump hasn’t done enough—on immigration, on law and order—and those aren’t entirely warrantless grumbles.  Republicans squandered—perhaps intentionally—an opportunity to fund the construction of the border wall while they controlled both chambers of Congress.  John McCain pompously and vindictively voted to keep the odious Affordable Care Act in place, a clear parting shot at Trump.  Trump did not seem to offer a robust response to the CHAZ/CHOP fiasco, but is now belatedly defending federal property in Portland, Oregon.

Those critiques aside, it’s worth remembering what Trump has accomplished—and he wants you to be reminded.  That’s why he gave Breitbart a six-page document of his achievements.  They are substantial—and make him one of the greatest presidents of the last fifty years.

Reviewing the document is a walk down memory lane.  Some of the energy and excitement of 2017 may be gone, but President Trump has soldiered on in spite of overwhelming forces arrayed against him.  The first heading, “The Great American Comeback is already underway,” demonstrates that the hoped-for “v-shaped” recovery is looking more and more like a reality:  jobs and manufacturing are up, unemployment, while still elevated, is down.

Several points are related to the administration’s response to The Virus, which is effective in fighting the narrative that the administration bungled the response to an alarmingly unusual scenario.  There’s also a section dedicated to Trump’s efforts to rebalance our trade agreements with other nations—perhaps the key to Trump’s legacy, and a fulfillment of his promise to “Make America Great Again.”  He proudly touts the 50% tariff on washing machines, “saving Whirlpool jobs.”  Libertarians will squirm at that boast, but as I’ve argued before, it’s worth it to pay a little extra for a washing machine if it keeps Americans fed.

The Trump administration’s cutting of regulatory red tape, perhaps more than anything else, has been a boon to the American economy.  For every one new regulation issued, the administration has, on average, cut eight regulations.  That was a key promise of Trump’s “Gettysburg Address” late in the 2016 election cycle, a key turning point for his electoral prospects.  In that speech, then-candidate Trump called for cutting two regulations for every one new one—and he has exceeded that promise fourfold.

There are many more accomplishments—again, it’s a six-page, single-spaced document—but I’ll highlight one more:  America’s energy independence.  It’s easy to forget now, but Americans were paying $4 a gallon and higher for gas in 2009.  President Obama’s anti-energy crusade destroyed the coal mining industry and drove up energy costs.  Now, gas prices are hovering around $2 a gallon (at least here in South Carolina), and coal miners are back at work earning good wages.  Thanks to hydraulic fracturing and the Bakken Shale, America is an oil exporter for the first time since the early twentieth century.

President Trump has accomplished a great deal over the last four, difficult years.  He deserves four more.  Republicans, conservatives, populists, nationalists—Trump is our own hope in 2020.  He may have foundered in some areas or fallen below our expectations in others, but what he’s managed to do amid the bogus Russian collusion hoax and a sham impeachment is absolutely astonishing.  With another four years, imagine how much more he could do.

Now is the time to share President Trump’s accomplishments with your friends—especially those that are wavering.  Remind them of the energy, the commonsense, and the fire of GEOTUS, and that when no one else will, he stands for us.




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