Nevada Feels the Bern

Well, the Commies and “natural conservatives” in Nevada have spoken, and it looks like Bernie Sanders is going to sweep the state’s caucuses.  That means he’s currently leading in Democratic delegates heading into South Carolina’s primaries this Saturday.

Joe Biden appears to be in second place, somewhat surprisingly, with l’il Pete Buttigieg in third.  That’s going to make South Carolina a big showdown between Sanders and Biden.  Biden is banking on blacks in South Carolina to buoy his flailing campaign.  Buttigieg will likely flame out (no pun intended) in SC, and the rest of the South, because of those same voters—blacks do not like homosexuality.

All that said, Bernie appears to be in the driver’s seat.  While folks are predicting Trump will mop the floor with the ancient socialist, a Sanders nomination is a very dangerous development.

Granted, these are the Democratic primaries, and the harder-Left activists drive the primaries.  Even so, consider how frightening it is that a substantial minority of Democrats believe socialism is not just a necessary evil or an occasional corrective to capitalist republicanism, but a positive good.  These people want to bring about socialist revolution.

I suspect Trump will wallop Sanders in November, but… everyone suspected Clinton would do the same to Trump in 2020.  Of course, there are key differences:  Trump isn’t an Establishment, globalist goon with a body count; nor is he the most unlikable candidate in American history.  The economy is doing exceptionally well, and Americans are increasingly optimistic about the future.

But—but.  Economic prosperity isn’t everything.  Selling socialism in the best economy in thirty years is like selling downspouts in Death Valley, but there seems to be a deep cultural disaffection, an insidious nihilism, that is seducing the most materially prosperous to Sanders.  As Americans have lost faith in their institutions—and, quite simply, have lost their faith in God—they are searching for meaning, for something bigger themselves.

Socialism is a terrible, dehumanizing, destructive, and—ultimately—bloody ideology.  But it offers a comforting conformity, a folding-in to the whole of a faceless mass, an empty belonging.  There is also a strident romance to it, especially for young idealists, who see it as a world-historic upheaval.  It is the utopian dream of youthful indiscretions taken to a dangerous extreme.

The fact that Bernie Sanders is likely to emerge the nominee for one of our two major political parties—and will likely earn the unquestioning support of tens of millions of Americans simply because he is the Democratic candidate—should send shivers down our spines.  My prayer is that Trump will demolish Sanders so decisively, the blow will shock socialism out of the Democratic Party’s vocabulary, if not it’s political DNA, for a generation.

I’m not optimistic such mass self-reflection is possible, though.  Socialism and progressivism will advance incrementally when necessary, moving ever closer to their end-goal.  They must be defeated continuously, roundly, and swiftly.

That is why it is all-the-more imperative that we get out and vote for Trump in November.  Never Trumpers and the “decorum” bunch, as well as feckless Libertarians, need to put aside their differences and hop aboard the Trump Train, whether they agree with every iota of its mission or not.

The stakes are too high.  We can either lose our country forever, or fend off the Left for a generation—or longer.  Now is not the time of intellectual quibbling about the finer points of executive power or the earned income tax credit.

It’s time to fight.

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