TBT: Deluge

Hurricane Dorian is roaring its way up the eastern seaboard today, and the Pee Dee region of South Carolina, where I live, is due to get several inches of rain and some high, heavy winds.  I’m praying that the storm passes through quickly and as easterly as possible, so as to minimize damage from the winds and flooding.  If the storm stalls, two or three inches of rain in Darlington County, South Carolina could become substantially more.

I’m no stranger to flooding.  Back when Hurricane Matthew hit in 2016, my old place flooded about eight inches up the walls, destroying many of my worldly possessions, and afflicting my clothes and other belongings with a faint mildewy stench that never really went away.

Two years later, my old apartment—“a Handi House in two rednecks’ backyard,” as my younger brother put it—was flooded again in a torrential downpour—a pop-up rainstorm that dumped around ten inches of water onto Florence, South Carolina in the span of an hour.

Those two floods prompted me to leave the Handi House—my home for seven years—and to seek out higher ground in little Lamar, South Carolina, home of the Egg Scramble.  I’ll have been living there a  year this October, and it’s been wonderful so far.  I can’t recommend rural, small town living enough (even if the Internet is spotty at times).

With the hurricane blowing through today, I thought it would be a good opportunity to look back at that flooding a year ago.  Here’s hoping history doesn’t repeat itself, for myself or others.

That said, here is 2018’s brief, soggy “Deluge“:

My little bungalow—a 525-square foot cottage—flooded late Saturday night.  I was out of town visiting family; my landlords called and texted me during church Sunday morning to let me know.

As such, I spent Sunday afternoon making a grueling drive through torrential rainstorms back home, then spent the remainder of the evening picking through the soggy remains of my life.

This flooding is the second time; the first was during Hurricane Matthew.

All that being said, a normal post isn’t in the cards for today.  Hopefully we’ll get back on track Tuesday—and keep pushing to reverse the alleged “Blue Wave.”  My little place is expendable, as are most of my meager possessions—but a flood of Democrats into the House and Senate in November would be far more destructive.

See you Tuesday!


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